Techniques and Tips To Last Longer and Climax Harder

How do you feel about your stamina and performance?
If you struggle with performance anxiety use these tips to last longer, boost your stamina, and have the best climax of your life for Legendary satisfaction.

Here are techniques to build your esteem, last longer, and climax harder!



Feeling like you climax too quickly?
Tip: Masturbate prior to intercourse to prolong your climax and train your body to build up stamina and last longer. Switch up your strokes and explore stimulating your balls and prostate. Masturbation will help you last longer in bed by releasing built-up sexual tension so you can last longer the second time around.



Maximize your performance and strengthen your stamina with foreplay.
Tip: Ease into each session with foreplay to intensify the energy and build up stamina for an incredibly explosive finish. Some tips to last longer include teasing, tongue play, massage, and anything that drives your partner wild for more.


Tongue Play

Great oral play will extend your time in bed with your mate and build up to a more dramatic climax.
Tip: Do tongue push-ups daily to strengthen the power of your tongue for more pleasure. Push the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can for 10-second intervals.



Experience more pleasure, intensity and take your sex life to the next level with thoughtful massage techniques.
Tip: Before gettin’ it in, explore your partner’s erogenous zones to turn up the heat, build the intensity, and create a longer-lasting experience. Some erogenous zones to focus on are the ears, neck, nipples, thighs, knees, and toes.



Lather yourself and your partner up with plenty of lubricant for a smooth glide and maximum pleasure.
Tip: Go slow and take your time before getting all the way to the finish line. Use lubricant to help you last longer and make your partner go wild with maximum glide.



If you want to improve your stamina in the bedroom choose positions that are less stimulating.
Tip: Alternate active and passive roles to prolong the time it takes before you shoot a Legendary Load. Try positions that are less stimulating to improve your stamina.


Take Legendary Loads™

Legendary Loads™ increases your libido improves your blood flow and enhances your performance for maximum pleasure and an explosive voluminous climax.
Tip: Take a daily serving of Legendary Loads™ to enhance your performance, boost your confidence, stamina, and impress your partner with Legendary pleasure.



Focus on self-improvement such as exercise, nutrition, and stress relief techniques. Healthy lifestyle choices will boost your sexual performance so you can last longer and climax harder.
Tip: Take good care of yourself and do one activity every day that supports your physical and mental health.

Boost your confidence, stamina, and feel amazing about your performance gains in the bedroom and beyond. Follow these tips to last longer and be a Legendary man!

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