Take a Load Off: Personal Trainer Kobi Noiman on What Gets Him Off About Owning His Own Gym

Kobi Noiman knows what it takes to be legendary—just look at him!

The 40-year-old fitness professional has been juggling a family life with four kids in seven years, running a Brooklyn gym through the dark days of the COVID-19 shutdown, and his own physical and mental well-being—and to say he’s thriving is an understatement. Now, he’s joining host Mark Peikert on Take a Load Off to discuss what makes him shoot his metaphorical legendary load.

“Letting go of fear, that’s No. 1,” Noiman said in the video interview above. “I’m not afraid to see where my body and my mind can go. [But] the biggest catalyst for me are my kids. I’m their superhero, so why not take it to the next level for them?”

Making His Passion into a Profession

Fifteen years ago, Noiman launched Fitness by Kobi, his Brooklyn gym that attracts a diverse clientele. He’s kept it open— and kept it alive, even when forced to close by the pandemic. But he never shied away from his path.

“This is a service business. You get what you pay, so I gotta show up,” he said. “I gotta show up right, I gotta keep it tight, I gotta carry the load, and I gotta just keep moving.”

Certainly, Noiman is a disciple of his own word. From his 5 a.m. motivational Instagram stories to sharing the meals he eats for fuel. And more importantly he’s taking time to share his clients’ fitness journeys too, revealing a man who is as dedicated to others as he is to his own health and fitness.

“People fuck up. People don’t always look good on a daily basis. But you know what, that’s what reality is,” he says of his “raw” social media posts. “I want to inspire people who were just like mm before I got into this industry. I’m here to showcase it.”

And what makes Noiman bust his legendary load? “Helping people overcome obstacles. That’s part of what gets me off. I gotta fine tune it and finesse it, get over injuries, health concerns, ages. That gets me off because I want to attack it and I want to fucking exploit it and shoot my load.”

Be sure to follow Noiman on Instagram, and message him there about consultations or working with him as a trainer.

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