How to Increase Your Money Shots and Your Confidence With 1 Pill

What makes a legend come the most? Legendary Loads, of course!

The all-natural supplements are designed to increase the volume of a man’s ejaculate, while simultaneously increasing one’s pleasure. And more pleasure is something we could all use in 2022.

Legendary Loads’ Benoit Le Chevallier joins host Mark Peikert on interview series Take a Load Off to discuss the product, and his own career dedicated to increasing people’s happiness.

Meet Benoit Le Chevallier

“It’s to boost people’s confidence,” Le Chevallier says of the product. “I feel like this product has a chance to make a difference in a man’s life.”

And though Legendary Loads is the sexy selling point, the company also offers other supplements: Legendary Wood (to regulate blood flow), Legendary Drive (a testosterone booster), and Legendary Boost (which increases nitric oxide to assist performance and the immune system). 

Le Chevallier had a track record of work designed to help men’s lives—including a career as a life coach—long before he joined Legendary Loads.

“The motivation is to help boost men’s self-confidence. In my life coach work, especially with men in Western civilization, that men don’t get to have rites of passage. In native tribes all over the world, men get to have rites of passage… So men tend to never really grow up into adults and like to put up this facade of a ‘strong man’ who can take on the world but on the inside is a little.”

Grab More Confidence

Saying that men of all sexualities are “sissies,” Le Chevallier points to the need for self-confidence to own their lives and be their own masters. “Boosting self-confidence can shift people into that sense of ownership and responsibility to become an adult.” 

Notably, Legendary Loads has been eager to embrace adult performers both in terms of customers and spokespeople. Part of that stems from Le Chevallier’s own background in adult content online marketing from 2003 to 2014.

“That was one of the initial crowd we felt was logical,” Le Chevallier said. He pointed to the overwhelming Internet searches for adult content. “So let’s go to where people are!” And of course, the products can aid in performers’ careers within that industry.

And what gets Le Chevallier off about his career? “It’s when I hear people coming back and reappearing in my life I’ve had an interaction with and see them transformed, doing what they like to do, being passionate about what they do and especially being happy. That’s what turns me on.”

Legendary Loads