About Legendary Loads™

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Live Your Legendary Life! 


It sounds cliche, but isn’t having the best sex of your life living a legendary life?


Healthy Men are Sexy Men! 


Legendary branded products were born out of the need to deliver optimal nutrients to our bodies, maximizing our performance potential and beyond.






Why Legendary?

Legendary Origins 


I desire to live a legendary life. 

I personally LOVE sex, and with anything I love, I look for ways to maximize the joy I get from the experience. From ripping a car around a racetrack to having intense climaxes filled with the kind of ecstasy that leaves me completely fulfilled.

I love satisfying my partner and giving my partner my HUGE explosion. The emotional bond drives even more passion! 

 The Problem: Loads are getting smaller, sperm count is down 20% in the US. The quality of our food has diminished and our bodies are not getting what the body needs, or anything close that can maximize our potential. As the quality of what is considered food has declined so has the nutritional value. 

The Solution: Supplementation, clean diet, and exercise are the way to live life at our best potential, and beyond… Legendary!  

You will never know your potential until you execute. 


Health, Connection, and Legendary Experiences. 

Over 10 years ago I was seeing a decline in my vitality and started supplementing with all different types of herbs and blends. Getting healthy, then optimizing my health became my top priority. Getting there in the most healthy way possible meant no pharma, only all natural ingredients, and only trusted manufacturing, made in the USA.

As my health improved, so did my vitality, and I wanted more! I started having amazing sex, got way more active, and had such an overall better life experience the further I refined my regimen. I studied the science of nutrition, herbs, supplementation and so much more. Several years of discovery and observation led me to produce a specific blend one day. After taking it for a couple of weeks, I noticed my loads were getting bigger and bigger, and so did the intensity of the release! After 60 days, my sexual experience was so incredible that I would feel Legendary at the finish. I knew I was onto something! 

I needed to validate my experience with my blend. So, I took my blend to the people that could validate it best, the men who were constantly sexually active, had to maintain big loads…  sometimes multiple shots a day, and took precise care of their bodies, their money makers… porn stars. 

The validation is overwhelming!

“Explosively Effective”


It wasn’t just my experience, bona fide porn stars share the same experience: Huge loads, more sexual pleasure, and increased vitality.  

I got so inspired by such comments from these porn star legends, Legendary Loads™ was born. 




The Front Story


The Legendary Loads Team Values


Health and Wellness for our Fellow Men

All Natural Products, Made in the USA

Provide Legendary Customer Service

Our incredible team came together organically, and everything clicked into place, with such precision it could only be described as Legendary. Together we have passionately tackled the obstacles to our mission. We started formulating, testing and validating our research into all natural supplements that maximize male performance. 

After years of working through that process we are now manufacturing an entire line of Legendary products!

Legendary Drive Label Front With Words
Legendary Boost Label Front With Words
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We greatly look forward to helping you maximize your life experience! 

Legendary Loads