Male Fertility: Why Is Sperm Count Declining?

Our bodies are fighting for their life as sperm count is declining and male fertility issues are rising.

Yes, it is true that sperm counts have indeed fallen and continue to fall. 

Scientists are alarmed by the declining sperm count and have even called it a public health crisis. We wanted to understand why and we assume you clicked here to do that too. Here is what we found out when we went hunting for answers. There are a number of reasons as to why there has been a rise in fertility issues and a decline in sperm count – Let’s dive into the why, what science has to say, and how Legendary Loads™ can help!


A study published by the Human Reproduction Update medical journal, found that sperm counts have dropped by more than 50 percent for many men living in Western countries.


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Scientists found a 59% drop in sperm count from the 1970’s through 2011 after analyzing data from more than 185 studies consisting of 42,935 men from primarily developed Western parts of the world.   These studies included men from the United States, Australia, and Europe, as well as other areas that included Asia, South America, and Africa. The Scientific Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) confirms that American and European men’s sperm count and sperm motility—that is, the “swimming” ability of sperm cells—have declined.  Because of the significant public health implications of these results, research on the causes of this continuing decline is urgently needed.

Numerous studies have highlighted the need for more research on men’s fertility. Dr. Hagai Levine, agrees —he pointed out that unlike other areas of medicine, men were not as well-studied as women when it comes to fertility problems.


“In fertility, men are neglected. This is a problem that we must prevent,”

Dr. Hagai Levine


Dr. Hagai Levine also addresses that there is little concrete advice doctors can give to men concerned about sperm count declining. Further he explains the bigger picture that low sperm count is a strong predictor of morbidity and mortality.

This research has inspired us to empower men by helping them boost their confidence and vitality through natural solutions that increase their volume output and improve their swimmer motility and concentration.

Legendary Loads™ is our proprietary all natural blend that supports male reproductive health and empowers men to get in touch with their manhood. All men can improve their sperm quality and output volume with Legendary Loads™.


The Causes For Sperm Count Declining

There are many factors as to why sperm count is declining and men’s fertility is worsening. With the rise of pollution, the amount of chemicals we come into contact with every day and the poor lifestyle choices such as heavy alcohol intake, smoking, and a heavily medicated population, there is no doubt these pollutants cause extreme stress to the body and diminish its vitality and ability to produce Legendary Loads

All the data echoes the obvious that there is indeed a correlation between our environment and lifestyle choices that hurts our reproductive health.


The biggest factor leading to fertility issues that all scientists unite on is the unprecedented amount of chemicals now routinely entering the human body.


Want even more evidence, keep on reading.

Author Daniel Noah Halpern published a story in GQ about the fertility crisis becoming more prevalent. His words  “We are producing less semen, and that semen has fewer sperm cells in it,” furthermore he states  “all the scientists I talked to stressed that not only were low sperm counts alarming for what they said about the reproductive future of the species—they were also a warning of a much larger set of health problems facing men.” The chemical revolution has been going on since the beginning of the 19th century and hundreds of new chemicals have come into the market within a very short time frame.

Chemicals, pesticides, materials containing BPA, and other contaminants in the environment which disrupt hormones are largely to blame for sperm count declining and rising fertility issues.

Considering all that we have learned as we searched for answers, the truth is simple.

The data is clear and consistent between sperm count declining and worsening environmental factors. The effects of an unhealthy environment have negatively affected male fertility, not to mention morbidity and mortality. 

However, we can all agree and science proves it that all men can make positive changes in their lifestyle to maximize their semen volume, produce a healthy sperm count and shoot Legendary Loads™.


You can maximize your load volume, improve your fertility and sperm motility!


Follow this advice for Legendary Loads:

  • Lower stress levels. 
  • Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.
  • Take Legendary Loads volume enhancement supplement for increasing volume and sperm motility.
  • Exercise daily and manage your weight.
  • Avoid heat around your testes- Temperatures over 98 degrees decrease your semen supply and sperm count so avoid hot tubs, saunas, and tight underwear.
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