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Here is where we get deeper into the biology of each ingredient. We offer you these articles as we believe there is great value in learning about the positive factors of each ingredient. This value is what got us inspired to craft Legendary Loads™ into the “Legendary” high performance love muscle supplement it is today. Discovering how each of the minerals and natural herbs interact with our bodies, may give you insights into how you can achieve optimal performance with your sex life, your drive, and your overall health.

Healthy Men = Legendary Lovers


Nettle leaves bring big benefits to your sex life and support your longevity! High in nutritional value and highly desirable for health benefits and loaded semen volume, Legendary Loads™ gives you the best of the best!

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Nettle provides powerful healthy properties  for your prostate, stimulates your libido and, another essential part of our proprietary blend that supports your legendary load volume.

Nettle is also rich in antioxidants, great for a wellness boost.

Empower your manhood and experience the next generation Climax Intensity with Legendary Loads™ all-natural formula!

A staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, nettle leaves are loaded with nutrients, high in protein, iron, vitamin C & A, trace minerals, potassium, and chlorophyll.

A sexual health powerhouse, the stinging nettle plant is loaded with benefits for your libido, and testosterone levels.

For centuries nettle leaves have been used for healing prostate issues, improving sex drive, blood flow, balancing hormones, increasing semen volume, lowering inflammation, joint pain, helping with digestion, along with many other benefits.

These mighty leaves have a lot to offer us; and here is why they are an important part of the Legendary Loads™ formula.



Get your sex drive in gear and GO!

Nettle leaves support your sexual functions and semen flow for vigorous, explosive orgams and maximum pleasure.

Nettle leaves support sex hormone production like testosterone, improving vitality, and overall libido.

Nettles also support blood flow to your firehose for a stronger, harder erection!

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Nettle brings balance to your sex hormones and testosterone levels making them readily available to bust Legendary Loads™!

Our  legendary  blend of natural herbs works great together. Nettle is an essential ingredient that supports your T-levels for energy, mood, and stamina. 

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Nettles are superior for treating prostate issues. The healing herbs support urinary tract, prostate gland function, and reduce symptoms of prostate enlargement.

Research has found the anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties reduce the painful symptoms associated with prostate issues.

A healthy prostate supports maximum semen volume!

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Get relief from the strain and pain in your body with nettles in Legendary Loads™.

The anti-inflammatory compounds in nettle leaves help reduce pain associated with inflammatory conditions.

Inflammation is important for our bodies natural healing ability and works as a defense against infection, however too much inflammation is harmful.

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The ultimate defense from cell damage and aging, the antioxidant rich properties of Nettles support optimal vitality and longevity!

Give yourself a super antioxidant and vitamin rich boost with each serving of Legendary Loads™.

Your Immune system will thank you for it and so will your sex drive.

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