The Hero’s Journey

  • Vigorous Vitality
  • Explosive Energy
  • Build Strength
  • Increase Stamina
  • Maximize Performance
  • All Natural Blends
  • Made in the USA

Quality You Can Trust.
The Explosive Experience, You Can Feel.

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Maximum Performance awaits you with the Legendary Hero's Journey!

Awaken your Drive, Boost your muscles, maximize your hard Wood performance, and shoot Legendary Loads™. The Legendary daily supplementation regimen improves your energy, aids in muscle growth, boosts your sex drive, and supports your wellness for peak performance.

  • Drive - Awaken your primal energy, drive, and blast off with vigorous vitality and strength for peak performance. (30mg of Zinc)
  • Boost - Boost your blood flow, strength, recovery speed, and dramatically improve your performance for beasty gains.
  • Wood - Increase the blood flow to your erectile chambers for maximum hardness, thickness, and experience your fullest potential. (26mg of Zinc)
  • Loads - Achieve maximum load volume output, orgasm intensity, and an explosive climax  with Legendary Loads™! (15mg of Zinc)

Harness your power and awaken the Legend in you with all four evidence based Legendary Formulas. Each ingredient has been scientifically selected and masterfully blended together for optimal absorption and high potency for peak performance. The Hero’s Journey package includes all four Legendary formulas made with natural ingredients that give you the rocket fuel you need for bigger gains, pleasure and satisfaction. Boost your vitality, improve your health, and experience greater fulfillment and confidence.


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  1. Kris P.

    Thank you for the instructions! Already after a couple weeks I can say my energy and vitality are making my life more exciting. And for the loads, it’s definitely getting thicker… lol

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Suggested Regimen For Maximum Results

Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday

  • Take Legendary Loads

  • Legendary Boost (Pre-Workout)

  • Legendary Drive


Legendary Drive Days
Legendary Wood Days

Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

  • Take Legendary Loads

  • Legendary Boost (Pre-Workout)

  • Legendary Wood


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37 Day Guarantee
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